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Damogran Consulting

We provide project management and system science consulting services to research and development programs. We specialize in large and mega projects with high levels of technical and organizational complexity. We can help you break your project down into digestable pieces with appropriate levels of requirements and interface definition to ensure your completed system works for you and your customers.
Cost and Risk
"That large cost overruns are common in major porjects does not mean that examples of good practice do not exist regarding cost estimation and management."

-Flyvbjerg, Bruzelius, and Rothengatter-
Why Choose Us?
Program Management
Program management consulting to get your program off on the right track or to get it back on track. We have solutions scalable to fit your need.
Systems Science
Systems engineering is crucial to the success of complex systems. We can help you right-size your effort with the appropriate level of process control and requirements definition.
Technology Development
We have broad backgrounds in developing one-of-a-kind research and development systems.
Simulations and analysis
We can build custom simulations and provide impactful data visualizations to simplify your decision process.
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